Album Review BIZARRE Inner Necropolis


BIZARRE “Inner Necropolis”

Xtreem Music

This is an excellent piece of death metal forged in obscured atmospheres, venomous guitar riffs and monstrous gutturals. Formed in 2015, this Spanish entity reunites musicians from different bands like Onirophagus, Elderdawn, and the super project FamishGod.

All tracks are composed around superlative structures, with dense guitar lines and heavy touches of doomed metal. I liked because the band included some atmospheric keyboards in specific points, and gives a really good personality to the whole concept. This band has very low tuned guitars, and they know how to deliver sinister melodies with good taste and knowledge of death metal genre. Also, you will find parts deeply rooted in 90’s old bands. This EP production has everything to become a favorite representative of a new wave in Spain. In 6 tracks this band defines what rottenness and morbidity in music means to be, since actual worldwide “scene” is infested by copycats. It’s highly recommended for those who are looking for deadly bands that make authentic music of death. – Victor Varas

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