Album Review CURSUS BELLUM Accusing the Dead


CURSUS BELLUM “Accusing the Dead”

Downfall Records

This is another lethal duo making an excellent death metal machine in the North of Europe. On five tracks the band consolidate an own sound forged in fast guitar riffs, technical structures and the purest form of Scandinavian vocals lines.

I liked this piece of chaotic miasma because remains the metallic spirit at every second, and you don’t get bored. All tracks have grim personality, and deliver good doses of high octane death metal in the vein of holocaustic death metal bands in the mid 90’s, with dissonant riffs here and there, and touches of brutality in the entire CD. These five tracks sound killer, and certainly contain excellent atmospheres of fast guitar lines and oppressive heaviness, if you know what I mean. Also, you will hear touches of thrash metal, which really enriched all musical influences. It’s highly recommended if you are looking for good bands from Sweden, and you want to stay away from mainstream sound. – Victor Varas

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