Album Review HEATHEN BEAST Rise of the Saffron Empire


HEATHEN BEAST “Rise of the Saffron Empire”

Transcending Obscurity Distribution

This is another surprise for me, coming from India. These guys created a very interesting mix of holocaustic black metal and traditional instrumentation, with truly ethnic elements, and very good taste in extreme metal music.

After many EP releases and one compilation CD, these demons are back with a three tracks EP, forged in aggressive black/death metal, hyper poisonous vocals, and tons of musical arrangements with instruments from India’s culture. Although the band asked for anonymity since the beginning due political consequences, it seems like these guys have clear how they want to sound and all elements match very well, musically speaking, as denote high skills. Also, everything is tight and delivers very solid structures with eclectic influences, which gives a big personality to the band. These three songs contain contrasting parts and not usual sounds, so you will hear a very peculiar style in compositions. For me, this is one of the most original and eclectic releases this year, as delivers great black metal-chaotic atmospheres among ethnic sounds. Of course this band stays away from the whole mainstream sound, and I’m sure it will not easy to digest for some of you, bastards. Sadly, the band appears like inactive. I hope one day they will reunite again and compose a complete full length album. Can’t wait for it! – Victor Varas

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