Album Review MACABRA to the Bone


MACABRA “…to the Bone”

Morbid Visions Music

Once again it’s a pleasure to review a superlative death metal album coming from people really involved in the genre, for years. This time is for an underrated band of artist Mark Riddick and Adrien, the French guy from Vociferian, ex Goatholocaust, etc.

Of course we can expect high octane death metal forged with deadly and holocaustic guitar riffs, classic structures and extremely good vocal lines. Everything sounds destructive and very well-conceived; if you ask me I really liked these oppressive atmospheres and ominous guitar lines, because remind me a lot the old bands coming from the north of Europe in the 90’s. The topic here is rotten guitars, sick gutturals and excellent tempo changes with tons of musical arrangements, and touches of bestiality, here and there. The result from the work of these titans is awesome, and definitely is made for crushing old skulls who worship old beast like Autopsy, Demilich, etc. This piece of rottenness has clear where is going, and I’m sure it will become a jewel in the death metal underground scene. For those who really love stinky music and fresh flesh, this is for you. Don’t miss it! – Victor Varas

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