Album Review NUCLEAR HATRED Nuclear Hatred EP


NUCLEAR HATRED “Nuclear Hatred”

Self –released

After five years or something using the name of Zamboni, these guys received a notification from a company who apparently owns trademark rights of that name. It seems like a bad-blood accusation due hormonal decision of somebody.

Anyway, this new name is not bad at all, and definitely fits very well with the aggressive and voracious thrash metal/crossover metal composed here. Of course, these guys have thick roots in old thrash metal music, hardcore music, as well as punk music. This is the kind of recordings that goes straight to the point, and delivers the essence of a rehearsal room atmosphere. All tracks are raw and deadly, and all sound like those clandestine parties after high school, where everything was out of control but the live band. Of course there are many things to fix, in all aspects, but I admit I found a very good band with charismatic attitude and strong songs. It’s a shame they changed the name (Instead, I had not done) but I’m sure they will produce even better recordings in the future, and they will step big scenarios soon. Time shall tell. – Victor Varas

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