Album Review WARFIELD Hosco



The Horror Dimention/ Damnation ad Bestias

What a piece of aggressiveness I have here! After almost five years, this beast is back and definitely they made it big. Coming from Mexico, Polo (aka Hellfire) and Ivan (aka Camel) had made clear that this is not a joke, and they have reached a major status in extreme black metal genre, in this country.

This album is made of pure holocaustic and voracious black metal, with roots in Scandinavian scene in 90’s. But man, this is authentic corrosive music composed with volatile guitar riffs and morbid atmospheres, and I must say that the band still is on the road of crudeness. All instrumentation sounds direct to the bone, and denote that both musicians like to play fast, complex and deadly. Also, all tracks share the same dark vibe which reminds me old Marduk, old Angelcorpse, etc, with dissonant guitar riffs, distorted open chords and supernatural drum parts. If you ask me, these guys have matured exponentially, and seems like they added some punkish elements here and there, just for enrich all this chaos. A Mexican Gem has born in the abyss, and is unmerciful for those weak ears. It’s highly recommended! – Victor Varas

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