Album Review DEJA VU Ejected


DEJA VU “Ejected”

Infernö Records

According to info, this German band was founded in 1986 they split-up in 1991 or something, and rejoined in 2000.

Don’t expect a large discography anyway, these guys have released only three albums, and I must say that definitely they know what’s about traditional heavy metal style. Coming from Bavaria, this is a band that shows the real roots of Germanic heavy metal, with melodic guitar lines, high pitched vocals and shiny metallic spirit. I liked this very much because of solid songs composed in the purest essence of heavy metal genre, but the band added a modern sound and melodic stuff. Of course all songs have common references in European heavy metal from 80’s, like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Heaven’s Gate, Steeler, Running Wild, etc, but seems like these guys really know the roots of the genre musically speaking, and they have an own style. I have to say that some songs impressed me, and remind me old glories of classic heavy metal, with fine melodies, excellent guitar riffs, and powerful choruses. My favorite is “Run for the light”, which is with the same vibe of metallic music from 30 years ago. With catchy lines, fast rhythm guitars, and high pitched screams in specific points, this is something you can’t miss if you are follower of the genre, especially from Germany. For those old warriors with iron in the veins, this is definitely for you. – Victor Varas

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