Album Review ESCARNIUM Interitus


ESCARNIUM “Interitus”

Redefining Darkness Records (N.America) Testimony Records (Europe)

Well, some months ago a compilation from this Brazilian beast left me literally in shock, and it presaged a really brutal full length album next to be released.

I have it now and yes, this piece of obscure death metal is simply a perfect opus of destruction. Coming from Salvador de Bahía, these guys created a very powerful piece of brutality with ten tracks full of furious guitar riffs highly influenced by old Incantation, old Vital Remains, etc. This is a band that has high doses of fast guitar riffs, complex structures and tons of musical arrangements all over the place. Vocalist Victor Elian delivers macabre guturals with deeps roots in brutal old names of Brazilian extreme metal scene. Of course they have developed a very peculiar and personal sound, based in obscured atmospheres and bad blood, and I must say that this denotes eclectic roots in classic death metal genre in 90’s, including North of Europe. For those who are looking hidden jewels of death metal in Latin America, you can’t miss this one. As extra info, a limited digipack version will be distributed in Mexico by Vomit Recs. – Victor Varas

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