Album Review HERETIQUE De Non Existentia Dei


HERETIQUE “De Non Existentia Dei”

Via Nocturna

And then there you have it: another damn good metal band from Poland. It seems like these guys have really good school in extreme metal music, as they composed a very interesting album of death/black metal with modern elements here and there, and heavy touches of complexity.

Coming from Gliwice, this is a band that recognizes atmospheric darkness as main element for the album, but also we are talking about high skilled musicians that know how to put progressive details on specific moments, and give a quite peculiar personality to the entire album. They did a well mix with distinctive death/thrash elements, hyper-fast guitar riffs and high octane musical arrangements, including melodic lines and blast beats. Definitely this is not something I haven’t heard before, but I’m glad to hear a band that has not fear of mixing different roots of extreme metal music, and they really have talent to record such an excellent opus. I’ve been listening to this album all this morning in the office, and I still find new elements and musical arrangements in acoustic interludes, guitar solos, volatile drums, and morbid vocals. As aforementioned, there you have another excellent Polish band that will make you move your hairy ears if you are into complex structures in metal music. – Victor Varas

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