Album Review HUMANITY DELETE Fuck Forever Off


HUMANITY DELETE “Fuck Forever Off”

Iron, Blood & Death Corp.

For those fans of genius multi-task, deathmetaller Rogga Johansson, you can add now one more CD for your large collection.

This time is for the now resurrected project of apocalyptic death/grindcore metal, that began in 2003 or something. Everybody knows that Rogga has thick and solid roots in punk/ crust/hard core music, musically speaking, and this is a band where he applies high doses of it. All tracks share the same vibe of fast guitar riffs and crude structures with massive bad blood. Actually, everything is composed around heaviness of guitar lines, as well as dense guitar riffs with punkish influences. My favorite one is “The hatchet cleaves the night” which includes a really excellent blacksabbathian guitar riff inside of the song. Of course, the man knows what he is doing, and he is totally responsible for all the composition, recording, and postproduction of this piece of rottenness. Again, he created a really good piece of morbid death metal with a peculiar vibe that he only knows how to put in extreme metal music. Yep, if you are fan of this guy, you should order the CD right now! – Victor Varas

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