Album Review OLD CHAPEL Visions from Beyond


OLD CHAPEL “Visions from Beyond”

Chaos Records

Everything here is awesome. I liked a lot these high octane guitar riffs, quite influenced by classic death metal in 90’s, as well as guttural vocals with touches of brutality.

This sounds excellent and seems to be rooted in Dutch death metal bands from 90’s. Coming from Ivanovo, Russia, this is a young band with only a couple of releases on the back, but what definitely you can hear here is veteran people involved in death metal genre for many years. As soon as you push play button, you can notice heaviness and rottenness from every note. This is crude and direct to the skull, but everything has good taste en chaos. All tracks are forged in dense atmospheres, made of fast guitar lines and rude structures. Also, I liked because recording is direct to the point and you can hear every detail on instruments. Of course there are some little things to fix in specific moments, but this is a really good album that you will enjoy if underground death metal from Denmark is familiar to you. As extra info, my favorite track is the last one, called ”Paura nella città dei morti viventi”, which if I don’t mistake, is the title of an 80’s movie by Lucio Fulci. It’s a masterpiece recreated with death metal elements, in which emulates soundtrack. It’s highly recommended, really. – Victor Varas

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