Album Review BLACK OATH Litanies in the Dark

black-oath-cover-art 2

BLACK OATH “Litanies in the Dark”

Terror From Hell Records

Well, I’m fan of this cryptic and obscured Italian entity. They have already developed a unique sound, and every release has an own personality.

Following the steps of last gem called “To Below and Beyond”, this four tracks album is forged in occultism themes and pure honest heavy metal roots. These guys know about dark music, and definitely composed great lines in a very peculiar perspective of dark rock and esoteric heavy metal. Denotes people with high class in the genre, and musically speaking they add some brilliant moments to the mix, like sinister keyboards parts, slow tempo structures, and a creepy atmosphere surrounding all the pack. Highlights to instrumental track “Funeral Alchemy” which delivers gloomy feelings like a terror movie soundtrack. The band is on the maturity period, and they show quite excellent arrangements here and there. You will not waste your time here, as the album will become an authentic jewel of obscure heavy metal in Italy. Time shall tell. Highly recommended! – Victor Varas

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