Album Review KRYPTS Remnants of Expansion


KRYPTS “Remnants of Expansion”

Dark Descent Records

The Finnish dark beast is back, and four deadly tracks full of decadence and morbidity compose this last full length album.

Everything here is conceived in obscure guitar riffs, heaviness and a peculiar atmosphere, dense and symbiotic with extremely profound gutturals. If you like sinister death metal bands, this is for you. All tracks share the same horrid density, with slow tempo sections, and high class doom metal on every corner. Formed in 2008, in Helsinki, these guys have a large curriculum in death metal genre, and definitely they know about ominous lines and oppressive atmospheres. You will find five tracks of doom- death metal, which can fit perfect like the soundtrack of Lovecraftian horror movie. The peculiarity here is that despite it’s not a very prolific band, they’ve found the own sound and style, and is not for weak ears. This piece of obscurity is highly recommended for those who believe that death metal can go to the limits of sanity, rottenness and volatility, musically speaking. – Victor Varas

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