Album Review MERCYLESS Pathetic Divinity


MERCYLESS “Pathetic Divinity”

Kaotoxin Records

Nope, this is not the Swedish legend. This time my words go for the French entity, which is almost the same older.

After last full length album released in 2013, these guys didn’t have much activity, just preparing new material, and here it is: a totally blasting album full of destructive death metal. No doubt this band has eclectic roots from different genres, mainly extreme metal music coming from the North of Europe in 80’s, but they defined many aspects musically speaking since many years ago, and the style is developed in an interesting mix of raw and melodic death metal with traces of brutality and punkish spirit, if you know what I mean. Don’t expect here melodic and kindly guitar lines; this is forged in absolutely corrosive guitar riffs, with lethal structures and excellent musical arrangements. This is a total war machine for destroying weak brains, and definitely they have no mercy to do so. For those who are curious about early death metal bands in France, this is a good opportunity to meet one of the roots. – Victor Varas

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