Album Review SACRED STEEL Heavy Metal Sacrifice

sacred-steel cover artwork

SACRED STEEL “Heavy Metal Sacrifice”

Cruz del Sur Music

Am I getting old? Or is just that Power metal bands don’t impress me too much, unless they have something really extraordinaire? Anyway, these German veterans released the tenth album of their career, and although I’ve been listening to it all day in the office, this doesn’t make me move my ass off.

Actually, I’m not saying that is a bad album, these guys have a lot of experience in music business, and they created epic heavy metal with tons of references to Running Wild, Riot, Grave Digger, Blind Guardian, Iron Maiden, etc. but definitely they are taking the most used formulas musically speaking, and for moments everything sounds the same for me. I admit that the work in guitar department is rich, solid and (thanks satan!) away from neoclassical stuff, although offers excellent musical arrangements. Also, there are some memorable choruses, like “Children of the Sky” and in the other hand, a quite interesting interlude in the middle of “Let there be Steel” with jazz standards included. This is not the best power/heavy metal album I’ve heard lately, but as it takes good roots in “Epic” stuff, is still attractive for those who like Running Wild, Stormwarrior, (early) Manowar, etc. – Victor Varas

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