Album Review THE HYPOTHESIS Origin




This is a quite singular band of melodic death metal, with tons of progressive elements, complex structures and guttural + clean vocals.

Regularly I’m not into this kind of new bands, which are more oriented to mainstream sounds and known formulas, musically speaking. But this case really impressed me due the high octane guitar arrangements and emotional solos in almost all tracks. These guys have high musical skills, and everything reminds me bands like Dream Theatre, Procupine Tree, Symphony X, Opeth, Animals as Leaders, etc, with incisive keyboards, unpredictable compasses, and excellent sense of melody, although this is too much for me, I guess. Anyway, if you like modern sounds in extreme metal music, this is a good option, no doubt. As extra info, this band features Waltteri Väyrynen, drummer from Abhorrence, Paradise Lost, Moonsorrow (live), etc. among others stars. – Victor Varas

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