Album Review DEAD CONSPIRACY Dead Conspiracy


DEAD CONSPIRACY “Dead Conspiracy”


This is how true legends come back to grab the red and bloody throne of death metal, these days. It’s a band founded in 1985 and I have to confess I didn’t heard about it until now.

They released a large list of demos until early 90’s, but seems like they influenced numerous bands in those seminal years. Actually, this is the second full length album, and they really recorded a brutal piece of metal, a well balanced mix of death metal and thrash metal, with excellent vocal lines, intricate guitar riffs and morbid structures, musically speaking. This is a band that belongs to the time of the beginning of both genres above mentioned, and in it’s a recording where they recover the essence of those years. Of course, this sounds cathartic, bestial and unclean; with tons of rancid vocals and explosive sections. Just listen to song “Antietam / Vultures Feeding”, and you will be transported to middle 80’s, where the metallic spirit was incisive present in extreme music everywhere.  As they claim to be one of the firsts death metal bands in Portland, everything is surrounded by an obscured miasma and furious moments, where you will notice classic/old school death metal at its finest. As extra info, vocals on this piece of aggression are recorded by Mike Abominator, formerly beast from Gravehill. Excellent! – Victor Varas

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