Album Review DEHUMANIZED Beyond the Mind


DEHUMANIZED “Beyond the Mind”

Comatose Music

Of course I remember this band from New York, as I read some interviews or something in many fanzines of late 90’s. It’s a gang that belongs to the old wave of brutal entities from that area, and created a really good debut album called “Prophecies Foretold” in 1998, but later they disappeared for years.

They came back and released an album in 2012. This time is for the newest album forged in high octane death metal, with tons of musical arrangements, but definitely good example of brutality in music, keeping the essence of classic death metal in America. All tracks have good doses of technical stuff, but don’t confuse with arrogant ultra-complex-fast scales death metal. This band has enough musical skills to make quite decent structures of authentic death metal ala early Suffocation, Vital Remains, but they don’t want to be copycats. Also, all guitars sound recording is thick and dense, like ancient trunk. Yeah, maybe they added some cool elements of modernity, here and there, but it’s natural and necessary. This vocalist recorded excellent lines full of heaviness and good taste in growls, of course denotes a well-trained throat, and of course is fan of early Dave Vincent. For those stinky asses who worship brutal bands in America, this is definitely for you. – Victor Varas

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