Album Review INHUMAN Conquerors of the New World


INHUMAN “Conquerors of the New World”

Satanath Records

Awesome! Now, my neck is broken because I tried to headbang with this hyper-complex death metal from Costa Rica. All tracks are extremely crooked, with tons of guitar riffs, fast scales, and atypical musical arrangements.

Of course, these guys have a lot of references to technical death metal bands, like Atheist, Cynic, Death, etc. but they formed a particular sense of pathological death metal, with high musical skills. As sophomore opus, this is one of those albums that denote mature ideas and excellent taste in brutal death metal music. This piece of morbidity features many sections, and tons of brilliant stuff, forged in technical guitar riffs and inhuman bass lines literally speaking. Actually, I really love the work in fretless bass guitar, which becomes a big element of the personality. For those who are looking for great bands of technical and complex death metal, you can’t miss this Latin-American gem. Great! – Victor Varas

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