Album Review LETHAL SHÖCK Evil Aggressor


LETHAL SHÖCK “Evil Aggressor”

Witches Brew

Aaaaargh!! What a piece of destructive speed metal!! Formed by members of well-known bands in Chicago, like Kommandant, Stone Magnum, etc, this band denotes in debut album true worship to old glories of fast metal in 80’s.

Everything here recalls to aggressive metal bands, and you will headbang since first notes. Of course these guys know what they are doing, and all tracks have good vibes of aggressive thrash metal and heavy metal spirit. Also, this is a gang with many musical skills and has good references in all instruments. You will find killer guitar riffs in sharp distortions, excellent guitar solos, good velocity in drums and rusty vocals rooted in Lemy’s style as homage. Of course these are songs composed for live shows, and I’m pretty sure they sound fantastic in direct as guitarist included many good arrangements in the entire album. As the name says, this is a lethal dose of fast metal music, made for old people with iron running through the veins. No pose here, just metallic spirit at its best. Weak ears stay away! – Victor Varas

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