Album Review +MROME+ Noetic Collision on the roof of hell


+MROME+ “Noetic Collision on the roof of hell”


Wow! From time to time post man let these gems into zombie mail. This is nothing but an authentic metal album with roots in numerous places, but the central idea is very well developed, musically speaking.

Coming from Poland, these guys founded the band in 1995 or something, and split-up in 2002. I can’t say is the most aggressive form of misanthropic black metal I’ve ever heard, but this band goes more into simplistic structures and good taste in melodies. Of course you will find metallic spirit on every corner, and let’s say that my first impression was to link a reference with Carcass (Swansong era), but these guys go into other horizons. They have really good moments, in the vein of old Samael, Celtic Frost, as they give priority to well-marked guitar riffs into 4/4 tempo. That’s the point: all tracks have solid guitar riffs and mid-pace structures, and they really know how to sound fucking good and with balls! I liked this band because they are not a copy of any of the influences. Definitely they are looking for an own sound and they are very close to find it. Also, it seems like they don’t care about local scene, not even metal scene in general, so they don’t expect acceptation or to be labeled musically speaking. I really had a good time listening to this piece of darkness, and I’m trapped in such nihilistic and eclectic music, with good taste and knowledge of extreme roots. It’s highly recommended and I’m sure they will unleash more material soon. As extra info, this album includes a very acceptable cover version of “How the gods kill”, original from Danzing. – Victor Varas

PS. The band doesn’t have any social media. It’s part of a real concept and I’m glad to see that. Perhaps, you can visit Official Bandcamp.

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