Album Review NECROVEN Primordial Subjugation


NECROVEN “Primordial Subjugation”

Memento Mori

Yep, I was right. Second vomit from this Spanish entity is even more obscure, more doomed, and more morbid (if there is a darker category for extreme music)

Low tuned guitars creating very complex and corrosive guitar riffs, and good doses of sick gutturals in the vein of old Morgoth, Obituary, Autopsy. Definitely this solitary Spanish Jonathan Reina knows exactly how to sound obscure death metal, without trendy poses or copycats. This is the second manifesto, and you will find nothing but seven pieces of morbid death metal, with incisive guitar arrangements and a peculiar atmosphere made of obscene darkness and hypnotic miasmas. All tracks are intricate but they remain in a floating atmosphere of darkness. This guy has very peculiar taste of corrosive music, and I liked how he added a modern sound to classic vibes of the genre. Also, all guitars have a particular taste in apocalyptical lines, which denotes maturity in composition. You will find doses of high-octane death metal, rooted in 90’s sound from the north of Europe, and also you will hear some of the best guitar arrangements in death metal genre, I’ve heard lately. For people who claim that the genre is already buried, just shut up your mouth and listen what Spain is offering now a days, you motherfuckers! Who cares about your ass anyway! – Victor Varas

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