Album Review TOXICA Ahogados en contaminación


TOXICA “Ahogados en contaminación”

Witches Brew

I have different feelings about this album. For one side, these Argentinean guys are into the new wave of thrash metal highly influenced by old bands in America, like Nuclear Assault, Exodus, Anthrax, which I started to feel sick about.

On the other side, the band is really good, and they recreate excellent guitar riffs with balls, punkish rage and metallic spirit, if you know what I mean. This is authentic thrash metal music, with thick roots in those band emerged in Bay Area, but I must say that these guys add a peculiar seal in all compositions, as you will find some touches of modernity, here and there, as well as the recording sound is direct to the bone. Did I mention it’s sung in Spanish? Well, this factor in particular reveals a very original result because every line fits perfectly into music, and you can hear mature compositions with destructive lyrics and furious vocals. Dude, the vocal lines in “Transición a la Muerte” is simply awesome. I really worship when vocalists have this uncommon sense of distinctive metrics in lyrics, and compose unnatural lines. Total respect! For those who still are interested in young Latin-American thrash metal bands, this is a really good option. – Victor Varas

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