Album Review INFANT DEATH Violent Rites


INFANT DEATH “Violent Rites”

Apocalyptic Empire Records

Ok, it’s my first contact with these Norwegian demons and I’m pretty excited due high quality of fast black-thrash metal I find here. All tracks share the same vibe of obscurity in fast guitar riffs, chaotic sections and cathartic vocals.


Of course the band has deep roots in thrash metal music from 80’s like gods Slayer, Destruction, Kreator, etc, as well as roots in black metal entities from the south of America, but I must say that they added harsh elements of punk/hardcore, you know, a kind of chaotic music with no limits. I liked this band because denote musical skills among chaos and twisted sections, also I appreciate all musical arrangements in everywhere. If you ask me, my favorite is “Vomit Funeral” which is an excellent cut in the vein of old Sarcofago, with tons of guitar riffs, ultra-fast drums and demonized vocals. Duuude!! It’s like a nightmare this piece of vertiginous horrid metal!! Definitive this is a great album of apocalyptic thrash metal with fast riffs, and incisive roots in old Slayer. Of course is another recommendation for those old metal heads that inspired their own life in this soundtrack. – Victor Varas

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