Album Review SUNTERRA Reborn



NRT Records

Note: I’m proud to announce this collaboration from journalist René Cruz, who is mastermind from Inquisidor 71 Blog. He helped us to review this Viennese album for Grand Sounds Promotion.

SUNTERRA is an old gothic metal band coming from Austria, supposed to be founded in 1994 or something, under the name of Virgin Seed. This band hasn’t been so prolific since they released a couple of full length albums during all its existence. Anyway, during their career they’ve shared stage with big names like The Gathering, Entwine, as well as Theatre of Tragedy. The band stopped for a while in 2006, but returned in 2015 with new blood and new musical ADN. This year they are promoting a new EP called “Reborn” which denotes a new way of musical progression in the best tradition of obscured electronic music. These are the words of Inquisidor 71:

Reign Supreme: A song that at the beginning has all the style of that drummer of the black metalero style of Immortal, but spiced with electronic sounds, to get us full in the intense rhythmic to move the hair (what?), With the infaltable double bass drum.

Carlos’s guttural voice balances with Lilly’s chorus, which reminds me of Lacuna Coil’s vocalist, Cristina Scabia, but not in timbre or vocal power, but in the form of interpretation.

Shadow in the Dark: The piano is melancholic, similar to those dyes of the German transgender artist Anna Vardey Cantodea, without missing the force again when the guttural voice returns, only to remind us that it is an industrial metal band.

Lord of Files: In this song they dissect their style in a marked way, on the one hand we have a rocker roll with good riffs and suddenly we go to the classical beat of dance music and returns in the choir to hard rock. Lilly’s voice is the way to mitigate strength, giving it a more delicate touch.

This is War: It is a demonstration of styles, with industrial dance, to tint with a mixture of the rhythmic base that any decent metal band should have.

Ministry of Thoughts: If it were not for some keyboards, the song could be confused with Rotting Christ, in a slow but well-done song, where the fusion of electronic and metal is achieved without taking risks. At last you hear a guitar solo, as the canon of rock marks.

Shut up!!!:  Of all the themes of Reborn is the one that sounds more original, with that choir with different superimposed female voices made by Lilly and the powerful vowels of Carlos, achieving a perfect contrast, while listening the dialogue between a mysterious man, seducing a woman , Which seems to be willing to be with him. – René Cruz

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