Album review CHOROBA Integral

Choroba cover art

CHOROBA “Integral”


After I listened twice to this piece of obscurity, I can say it is one of the most interesting albums of black/death metal albums I’ve received lately.

Despite it’s an independent album these German guys made a really good effort and released a very well-conceived third opus. All tracks sound aggressive, chaotic and somehow atmospheric. It’s the kind of black metal compositions that give priority to dissonant guitars and disturbing arrangements, like terror story soundtrack if you know what I mean. Main composer and multi instrumentist Captain P created high doses of venomous lines as well as bizarre atmospheres, with good taste and good knowledge of dark harmonies. Vocalist Stefan Schleg recorded excellent lines between classic guttural and aggressive black metal mood. Also, some female vocals were added in specific moments with give a particular taste of 90’s doom metal, just the exact dose to reach a higher level of experimental stuff. If you are curious about what is going on with massive black/ death metal with a particular perspective of atmospheric dissonances, don’t miss this gem. Guaranteed! – Victor Varas

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