Album Review DEPRIVE Temple of the Lost Wisdom

Deprive cover artwork

DEPRIVE “Temple of the Lost Wisdom”

Memento Mori

A great second album is offered by genius Javier Sixto (aka Erun-Dagoth), and now he steps into doom metal, and corrosive death metal territories, with full knowledge of extreme music.

Also mastermind from Briargh, this Cantabrian warrior composed an awesome album with slow sections, heaviness and literally tons of musical arrangements. I liked this piece of rottenness because somehow sounds cadaveric and stinky, but with modern production at the same time. This album is rooted in big names of death metal genre from the north of Europe in middle 90’s, and of course you will find a lot of references musically speaking, so you will hear putrid guitar riffs and morbid atmospheres on every corner. Also, he added some specific details like the wall of keyboards in “Temple of the Lost Wisdom”, and the atmospheric track “Fall of Atlantis”. My favorite one is “A Mournful Prophecy” which sounds totally putrid ala early Obituary, Morgoth, etc. with slow tempo riffs, morbid lines and deep gutturals. Definitely this album doesn’t contain something I haven’t heard before, but I must admit everything is very well done and I’ve been listening to it all day in the office. Good to know this stinky metal genre will prevail under new names around the globe. – Victor Varas

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