Album Review EUFOBIA

Eufobia cover artwork



I had to listen to this CD several times before the review, and I must say I have different emotions about it. This is a very melodic and aggressive form of death metal with some death-core and thrash elements, and deep touches of modernity in the entire album. I’m not really into this kind of metal music, but I admit that these Bulgarian musicians called my attention because of high quality.

Formed in 2003, these guys have already released a couple full length albums before this piece of metal. All tracks sound complex, aggressive and with high doses of violence, but there is something I can’t stand with. Maybe is the saturation of modern elements in a heavy charge of musical arrangements, or maybe is the hybrid of aggressive music with thrash-core and death-core stuff. No doubt this band has high musical skills, and also no doubt they included very good arrangements mainly in drums and guitar riffs and guitar licks. Everything sounds chaotic and in progressive some ways, which denotes people with high octane knowledge in metal music. In the other hand, I’m really impressed with tracks like “Devotion” where they included some “Latin” elements in percussions, and the result is very solid. If you are looking for good bands with progressive elements, complex sections and high skills, this is for you. If you are a purist mother fucker with a beer in one hand and weed in the other, stay away from this! As extra info, this CD comes in a nice luxury slipcase. – Victor Varas

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