HOSTIS album review

Hostis cover artwork


Miner Recordings

Great! It’s another cool addition to this blog. Nothing less than a very well-conceived thrash/death metal band from Montenegro, a country I really don’t know much about its metal scene, but seems like they have deep knowledge in underground extreme music.

This CD contains 6 tracks of furious and nasty thrash metal with guttural vocals and strong references to classic names like Sepultura, Exodus (early), Destruction, but I found very solid stuff here, and not simply copycats. All tracks are forged in apocalyptic guitar riffs and explosive drum sections, and I liked it because seems like they know what they want: music for destroying the humanity. Also, I must say this is melodic and yet aggressive, and for moments sounds simple but deadly. Guitar’s distortion is crude and fits perfect for the concept, but maybe sound a bit repetitive in some sections. Btw, and just for the record, these guys composed really good lines and some of them stick in your mind easily, which is a good signal. Despite this is a debut album, the trio has a huge curriculum as they are part of other bands like Abhoth and KK Street Bangers, and they know the business.  As extra info, the album has some collaborations in guitar solos department, from musicians Luka Milošević (Deadly Mosh, Istrulity, Dušan Mlađenović (Alister) and Stefan Stanišić. – Victor Varas

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