Album Review REVEL IN FLESH Emissary Of All plagues

Revel in Flesh cover art

REVEL IN FLESH “Emissary Of All plagues”

Cyclone Empire

I didn’t hear anything about these Germans since Split 7” with Zombiefication ‘Eyeless Ghoulish Horror’ in 2015 or something. Now they are back with a really good album (if I don’t mistake is the fourth in the career) which means a lot of fresh flesh and corrosive lines.

These have showed really impressive albums since the beginning and it’s not a secret they have a good history before Revel in Flesh, with bands like Immortal Rites and Apophis. On this album we find excellent melodic lines under apocalyptic atmospheres and rude gutturals. The school of Swedish old death metal bands is here and denotes that the album was produced by an icon of death metal in the north of Europe: Dan Swanö. I liked this piece of putrefaction because it sounds solid, melodic and with brutal elements, here and there. It’s a very interesting balance of modern sounds in the genre, with classic atmospheres and venomous lines inside the songs.  I must say that almost everything is based in rhythm sections and melodic lines, but from time to time it becomes a bit simply. It’s not bad at all because they added superlative doses of brutality and heaviness. This is a good album for those who are looking for great death metal acts in Germanic territories. As extra info, this CD contains a cover version of “Doctor Doctor”, original from UFO, and cover artwork is courtesy from spanish Mr. Juanjo Castellano. Cool!  – Victor Varas

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