Album Review ARKANA CODE Brutal Conflict

Arkana Code cover art

ARKANA CODE “Brutal Conflict”

Metal Scrap Records

This is a good death metal album with high octane arrangements and very complex structures. Coming from Italy, these guys released a demo in 2010 before this debut full length, but seems like they practiced hours and hours behind rehearsal room.

All tracks sound technical and full of heaviness, but we are talking about people with big criteria, and high skills in music. Almost everything is composed around guitar riffs and dynamic structures, but I have to say they added incisive dose of melody in the entire album. Also, you will hear tons of thrash elements here and there, as well as rhythm guitars are very fast, just not to mention the volatile sections and corrosive distortions. As aforementioned, this is an album forged in complexity and good taste in musical arrangements.  I like when they include dissonant notes and irregular structures in “The Holocaust Horde” which definitely adds an apocalyptic sense to the whole concept. This is a good release with modern elements and great moments of progressive structures. It’s highly recommended for those who like solid bands with high musical skills and modern stuff. – Victor Varas

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