Album Review ASTARIUM Epoch of Tyrants

Astarium cover artwork

ASTARIUM “Epoch of Tyrants”

More Hate Productions

This Russian entity is been active since 2006 or something, and has a very prolific discography of demos, split productions, and full length albums. It’s nothing less than melodic black metal with incisive keyboards and tons of musical arrangements.

All tracks denote high level of compositions, although sampled drums sound a bit weak. If you ask me, I don’t find symphonic elements as the Bio says, but definitely it’s not bad at all for a one man band, with huge experience. Also, I found some folk elements here and there, and I am hooked in tracks like “In Twilight of the Gods” (originally taken from a previous split release) which delivers obscured miasmas composed in slow tempo riffs and twisted structures. This black metal album is a warlike opus, with painful atmospheres and a peculiar perspective of the genre. As aforementioned, it contains tons of musical arrangements in keyboards, but some of them sound repetitive or what is worst, predictable. Anyway, it’s a good album recorded from what seems to be a very prolific and active musician. Take this CD if you are into solitaire bands with high expectations. – Victor Varas

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