Album Review DOOMED Anna

Doomed cover artwork


Solitude Productions

Finally I found a strong candidate for my list of best releases I reviewed in 2017, although this album is from 2016.  I can describe this like a step forward of death/doom metal genre, as this is forged in real obscured and oppressive atmospheres, but fueled by huge progressive elements and high octane sections, with music skills and good taste.

Hailing from Saxony, Germany, this is a band composed by genius Pierre Laube, who really makes a good work. Everything is surrounded by cloudy atmospheres and dark lines, but guitar lines are deep into progressive themes and dare to experiment here and there. This almost sounds avant-garde in specific moments, like “The Weeping Trees” which includes mid tempo sections, poisonous guitar lines and literally tons of music arrangements that take you out the abyss and drop you into new dimensions musically speaking. My favorite track is “Withering leaves”, it’s a very distorted and twisted track with a very interesting personality. This brings peculiar guitar arrangements into aggressive atmospheres and atypical structures. It sounds holocaustic and vicious, but it also has high musical skills (just listen to octave effect, in guitar solos.) Another highlights for “The frozen wish” which contains one of the most cabalistic and tenebrous female vocal performances I’ve heard lately. All in all it’s an impressive album rooted in morbidity, heaviness, progressive elements and funeral ambient. Highly recommended!! – Victor Varas

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