Album Review GRAVEYARD GHOUL Slaughtered – Defiled – Dismembered


GRAVEYARD GHOUL – “Slaughtered – Defiled – Dismembered”

GFY Productions

The German epitome of raw and rude death metal music is back with this new album. And they didn’t moved from initial style: this is a crude form of creepy death metal full of rancid guitars, cathartic moments and rawness.

After a very interesting split production with Cryptic Brood, these guys finally released a third full length album completely insane. All tracks share the same chaotic atmosphere with direct guitar riffs and violent vocals. For moments it recalls me early days of bands like Hellhammer, with extremely stinky distortions and punkish attitude. Of course this band knows what is the sound they want to show and developed intentionally a gritty form of metal music, with deep roots in early days in the 80’s and even punk music. As said before, they jump into primitiveness in music structures and dark atmospheres, but they know how to step in good taste and strong influences from old names like Death, Bolt Thrower, etc. For those who are into the unpolished side of death metal genre, this piece of corrosion is definitely, waiting for you. (Released in tape format and 12″ vinyl format under this label)  – Victor Varas

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