Album Review VULTURES VENGEANCE Where the Time Dwelt In


VULTURES VENGEANCE “Where the Time Dwelt In”

Gates of Hell Records

Great! Traditional heavy metal genre never gets too old, and after listening to these Italian guys I’m convinced that new blood keeps the flame alive, literally speaking.

This EP release is forged in true essence of heavy metal blood, with excellent guitar riffs and powerful vocal lines. Probably this is one of those heavy metal albums that deserved to be listened not as homage to old glories of the genre. These musicians captured the intensity and epic feeling on every note. I have to say that all tracks share the same vibe, a perfect mixture of NWOBHM and authentic German heavy metal taste. Also, there is a dense atmosphere of darkness and fantasy in the entire album, which delivers good lines of melody. I’m impressed with vocalist Tony T. Steele who recorded a perfect work, highly influenced by Bruce Dickinson, Halford, as well as Hansi Kürsch and Rolf Kasparek. This sounds excellent and it’s rooted in solid, shiny and epic heavy metal genre, as we all know it. It’s a shame that this digital promo sounds raw and very rude. Anyways, everything is well balanced, musically speaking.  – Victor Varas

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