BELLS OF ACHERON Fanzine Issue 1 Review

Bells of Acheron Zine Issue 1 at Zombie Ritual Zine

BELLS OF ACHERON Fanzine Issue 1 (Brazil) Review

I know it’s been a long time since I reviewed a printed fanzine. Believe me, I’m a big eater of independent media and I just can’t read fast every fanzine coming to my mail box!! Well, this is a GREAT debut coming from Colombia, and I’m really sorry because the editor sent me the Zine when he visited my City and I didn’t meet him because of different reasons. Anyway, It took me almost six months to read it entirely because this features tons of excellent material. On this issue we find chats with Haemorrhage, Eternal Solstice, Pseudogod, Deus Otiosus, Master of Cruelty, Noise and Shit Zine, Diocletian, Jorgen Sandstrom, Swallowed, Diabolical Messiah, Hooded Menace, Capilla Ardente (excellent band!!), Ed Warby(Gorefest, Hail of Bullets), Force of Darkness, Wojtek Lisicki(Luciferon), Pete Slate, Amon, Exoriate, Nuclear Hammer, Rick and Bay Cortez(Sadistic Intent, Dark Realm Records), Dominus Praelii and Matthew Skarajew(from Dusk, Disembowelment). All interviews are very well done and informative. Also, I have to say that he uses English language (much better than mine, as you can see) and it seems like the editor is an old metal warrior immersed in the underground death metal scene since a lot of years. He also includes a big section of reviews, and his tastes are good. I didn’t find any contact. If your band is deadly and rotten enough, this editor will find you.- Zineaholic.

DE UMBRIS Fanzine Issue 1 Review

De Umbris Fanzine review at Zombie Ritual Zine

DE UMBRIS Fanzine Issue 1 (Greece)

Thanx to the old metal warrior “Chinguiñas” I got a copy of this black document coming from Athens, Greece. This is an extension of the Record Label with the same name and also it truly is a manifestation of occultism, darkness and underground essence. This issue features interviews with: Astra Autisma, Infernal Funeral, Aka Manah, Armed Death, Deus Ignotus, Winter Solace Productions, Primeval Mass, and Southern Extremity. Also, the editor presents interesting texts about occultism, a particular point of view about black metal festivals, a very interesting article about horror movies from the 80’s, and the Satanic Artwork of Milovan (Montenegro) and FatamorganArt (Malasya). Actually, every page has satanic drawings and seems that this editor takes care of every detail. This fanzine has the stench of old school with no trends or false pretensions. Till’ now, the editor is working on Issue 3, so you can contact for a copy. Please don’t say you read this on the web, or I may be cursed by an ancestral witchcraft. Btw, it also includes a compilation CD-R.- Zineaholic


DAEMONUM Fanzine Issue XIV Review

Daemonum Zine 14 review at Zombie Ritual Zine

DAEMONUM Fanzine Issue XIV

Yes, I know, it’s been a long time since I reviewed the last fanzine on this Blog. But, believe me, I’ve been reading a lot of good new fanzines these days and I just can’t choose which one is going to be reviewed. Of course, this one is not a new fanzine. They’ve been active for a long time and definitely they know about this business of metal music. I’ll review this Issue because they have increased the level of contents and seems that Editors are totally drowned on underground scene. This time they had interesting chats with AGONY LORDS (México), INDESINENCE (UK), CONVULSE (Finland), NOMINON (Sweden), TURBOCHARGED (Sweden), CULTURA TRES (Venezuela), ASTORVOLTAIRES (Chile), PADRE NUESTRO (México) and FLAGRUM TAXILLATUM (México). On this issue they also included good Gig reports of MARYLAND Death Fest and BARGE TO HELL 2012 (by Remi Cote from PRC Music). At the last page comes an interesting article about the way of metal music for woman. Album reviews are objectives and extensive. Also, they complement this editorial work with a Blog on the web. I’m very satisfied with this Mexican fanzine. It’s written in Spanish. – Zineaholic.


REBORN FROM ASHES Fanzine Issue 6 Review

Reborn from Ashes 6 review at Zombie Ritual Zine

REBORN FROM ASHES Fanzine (USA) Issue 6 Review

Every time I read an article from this fanzine, I really feel a connection with the contents because everything is very well driven by a death metal passion, good taste and a consistent knowledge. Actually, the chief editor Tony Juarez is a person who has been involved in underground scene since the old days. First, when he lived in México City and published a fanzine called Epitaph back in the 90’s, and these days by making this excellent fanzine full of ominous music, rottenness and pus.  On this issue he really did an excellent work with interviews, as all of them are deep to the medulla and quite professional. You will find names like IMPETIGO (very long and effective!!), OMISION, NECROCCULTUS, GUTWRENCH, CENOTAPH (Mexico), ACROSTICHON (Netherlands) UNHOLY LUST and MARK RIDDICK. Editor’s roots are visible everywhere visually speaking, and he also delivers excellent drawings ala old school which gives a particular breath to this fanzine. Of course, he added a section of CD and Fanzines which is a fucking pleasure to read, as well as follow all the sinister recommendations. I know some of you will complain because of the small font, or shitty things, but for me, this is one of the best death metal fanzines coming from America lately. Long live to RFA zine, and keep smashing skulls motherfuckers!!! – Zineaholic.

Contact: intheshadows96 (arroba)

OSCURIDAD INFINITA Fanzine Issue 4 (México) Review

Obscuridad Infinita zine review at Zombie Ritual Zine

OSCURIDAD INFINITA Fanzine Issue 4 (México) Review

Talking about blasphemous, luciferines and destructive literatures, this fanzine coming from the north of México is totally immersed in the blackest side of metal music, and the editor has the real attitude of someone who is into the underground scene since many years ago, and knows about the fucking theme. Also, the contents show a quite particular point of view which is always open to debate, and that’s the most interesting. On these black pages you will find interesting chats with Salai Ereshkigal (from Benatnash), Ocularis Infernum, Ildhur, Empire’s Darkness, Funereal Moon, Ominous Yum Cimil, Pacta Demonaeroum, and Chaoswolf. All of these acts are from México, and seems that the Editor did a great research before making the questions, because the result is great. Also, there are a couple of articles from collaborators (one of them is Niggurath, editor of Necronos Fanzine), and a section dedicated to reviews of fanzines and stuff coming from the underground. It’s a fanzine done with passion and true black blood running through the veins. Support and buy this document dedicated to black arts. – Zineaholic.

Oscuridadinfinitafanzine (at)

HORRIBLE FANZINE Chapter IX (Mexico) Review

Horrible fanzine issue 9


If you are on your 40’s and you are an old Mexican warrior of the extreme scene, surely you will find this name familiar. Horrible Fanzine was one of the best fanzines in Mexican underground, and focused mainly in the most deadly style of metal music. He released 8 issues full of rottenness in the early days of the extreme metal scene. Also, in case you don’t know it, Julian Nuñez is also a currently collaborator of Voices from the Dark Side page, and he definitely knows this fucking business. Well, this is the return to printed underground press after more than 15 years, and I must say that the roots are solid and it won’t disappoint you. You will find excellent chats with Blasphemophager, Desaster, Spearhead, Antediluvian, Sargatanas, Denial, Ominous Crucifix, Necrovation, Vulcano, Artilleria Infernal and Speedwolf. Also, there is a very interesting article about Vinyl format vs. Compact Disc format (so, you can highly increase you knowledge about this), an important quantity of reviews (all from the underground scene), and an entertaining article about a Extreme Metal History in Mexico, which provides excellent anecdotes about early metal scene. If you are another Zineaholic like me, just follow your instincts and get in touch with Julian. It’s an excellent fanzine!!! – Zineaholic

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UNDER FIRE METAL Fanzine Issue 14 (Mexico) Review

Under Fire Zine 14 review at Zombie Ritual Zine

UNDER FIRE METAL Fanzine Issue 14 (Mexico)

The last issue of this underground fanzine was launched two years ago, but I will rescue it from the collection because it is so worth, and is extremely interesting for those who claim worship black metal music. Jose Luis Cano, the creator of these truly black sheets is an old metal warrior, and besides he is a guardian of a massive vinyl collection, he has dedicated his entire life to the metal music, so, the knowledge is huge as hell. On this issue, he rescued some texts that he previously published in Resurrection Magazine (Mexico), and he added/corrected all the info. This is about the history of black metal music, and Jose Luis speaks since the very beginning of diabolic theme, into arts. The first section goes from Goethe and Milton in literature, to Wagner, Debussy, Paganini, Marschner, Liszt, Sibelius, Berlioz or Chopin in classic music. Then he jumps to Robert Johnson, Elvis, Beatles, Rollings, Stones, Zeppelin, just to land in truly satanic old bands in the 70’s, such as COVEN, JACULA and BLACK WIDOW. From here the list is quite huge, and Jose Luis analyzes different periods of time in Europe, as in America and Asia, until what he calls “The death of the genre” which is in the beginning of the 90’s. The singular sense of humor of this writer is notorious, and makes the reading quite simple and interesting. Also, he reviews some underground material from all around the world, and the document is completed. On the last pages, he also included an interview with Steve Sylvester (Death SS) by Daniel Müller, and I must say that it’s a jewel itself. As always, this fanzine comes with a CD-R full of audio samples. Excellent work!! As extra info, for those who throw curses and spells to the Editor, you will have to wait a little more, because he is almost finishing a book with all these material, and soon will be out. – Victor Varas


LEUKOPLAKIA Fanzine Issue 1 (Mexico) Review

Leukoplakia Zine Issue 1 Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

LEUKOPLAKIA Fanzine Issue 1 (Mexico)

These sheets of paper suddenly joined the race of a new generation of metal fanzines in México, and I must say that the editor is doing a quite good job. I have no more to say than it’s an excellent debut, although the Editor says that released another zine 16 years ago. Anyway, he knows the business and the selection of bands interviewed is awesome: BLACK TORMENT (Mexico), EMPIRE OF LIES (Mexico), GUTWRENCH (Mexico), HOADED MENACE (Finland), MORTUARY (Mexico), and SOLITUDE (Mexico). As you can see, almost the entire raw material is from Mexico, and he really managed good and interesting questions. The classic reviews section is included, and the Editor writes about bands from different genres. All material is seriously analyzed and commented with solid arguments and knowledge. Also, he reviews some fanzines. All in all, this fanzine is entertaining and full of dead breath coming from the truly underground press. If you missed the first issue, sorry for you (peleishon!) The second issue is already out. Written in Spanish!!!! – Zineaholic.


HELLSPAWN MAG Issue 3 (Spain) Review

HELLSPAWN MAG Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

HELLSPAWN MAG Issue 3 (Spain)

You don’t want to know what you are missing if you don’t read Spanish language. Javi Bastard is a quite active metal freak, and when he is not working at his own Studio (Moontower), or playing guitar with Graveyard, or any of his multiple bands, he is doing this magazine. Indeed, this document has all the old spirit of a fanzine and that’s something I really appreciate. But, the most important aspect of this work is his totally acid and deadly sense of humor, and you will laugh for hours after you read the texts. On this issue, he chats with Joe Hasselvandeer (PENTAGRAM, RAVEN, etc), Mika from IMPALED NAZARENE, TRIBULATION (Sweden), Peter Inverted (LORD VICAR, REVEREND BIZARRE), NECROS CHRISTOS (Germany), EMBALMED SOULS (Brasil), PUTREVORE (Sweden/Spain), WHILE HEAVEN WEPT (USA), BULLET (Sweden), John Ricci from EXCITER (Canada), NECROVATION (Sweden), Mappe from CANDELMASS; INSULTERS (Spain), ERED (Spain), AGRESSOR (France), MACHETAZO (Spain), and the Legend HARRIS JOHNS. Of course, the editor includes a review section where he comments some underground material, with objective and serious arguments… hehe! As I said before, the editor has an acid sense of humor, and it will deeply entertain you. Hell yes!! The Magazine is on 10th issue (Split with Flesh Salad Fanzine), and if you didn’t get your copy on time, bad for you… – Zineaholic.  

THE FALLOUT MAGAZINE Issue 11 (Australia) Review

The Fallout Magazine review at Zombie Ritual Zine

THE FALLOUT MAGAZINE Issue 11 (Australia)

When I said that Liam Guy, MALAKYTE’s drummer, was a quite active guy, it was seriously. Seems like he lives, eats and shits metal music 24 hours a day. Here is the issue 11 of his magazine and it really worth to take a look on it. 45 pages full of interesting heavy metal information with no compromises are not easy to make, and certainly this guy puts a piece of his iron heart on every page. He chats with ELECTRIC RETARD (an interesting webcomic), SKINTILLA (Australia), EARTH (Australia), DESTROYER 666 (Australia), BE’LAKOR (Australia), OVER KILL (USA), ROB HALFORD (UK), KILLRAZER (Australia), DISENTOMB (Australia), EPICA (Netherlands), ARCH ENEMY (Sweden), LORD (Australia), VOYAGER (Australia), INFECTED (Australia), JUDGEMENT DAY (USA), QUILTER’S BANE (Australia). The Editor also includes some interesting Gig reports, such like Scream Fest (Sidney), Destroyer 666, Vomitor, Slayer, Megadeth; and a Tour he head with SHRAPNEL in the area of Darwin. Also, I found some articles (Watch Tower rules!!! btw) and of course, some audio reviews. As you can see, this Magazine focuses mainly in Australian territory, and is truly interesting to read what’s going on that side of the world. Recommended to collectors of printed zines and metal freaks in general. As extra info, this magazine seems to have switched the format, and now is a downloadable E- zine. – Zineaholic