Heavy Metal Reviews with K

KLOOTZAK (France) “Huan”
KORROSIAH (France) “Creepy Feelings”
KILL FOR SATAN (Australia) “Thy Kingdom Undone…”
KARONTE (Spain) “Paraiso sin Fe”
KING CARNAGE “Ounce of mercy, pound of flesh”
KINGDOM (Poland) “Morbid Priest of Supreme Blasphemy
KRÖWNN (Italy) “Hyborian Age”
KONKEROR (USA) “The Abysmal Horizons”
Квіти Знедолених Берегів “За небокрай мрій” (Trasl. The Flowers of Crestfallen Shores) (Ukraine)
KRUEGER (Brazil) “Return to Death”
KRUOR (Finland) “Nightmares”
KRÖWNN (Italy) “Magmafröst”
KING HEAVY (Chile) “King Heavy”
KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR (Spain) “Reborn from the Ashes”
KRYPTS (Finland) “Remnants of Expansion”

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