Album Review EUFOBIA

Eufobia cover artwork



I had to listen to this CD several times before the review, and I must say I have different emotions about it. This is a very melodic and aggressive form of death metal with some death-core and thrash elements, and deep touches of modernity in the entire album. I’m not really into this kind of metal music, but I admit that these Bulgarian musicians called my attention because of high quality.

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Album Review INFANT DEATH Violent Rites


INFANT DEATH “Violent Rites”

Apocalyptic Empire Records

Ok, it’s my first contact with these Norwegian demons and I’m pretty excited due high quality of fast black-thrash metal I find here. All tracks share the same vibe of obscurity in fast guitar riffs, chaotic sections and cathartic vocals. Continue reading

Album Review +MROME+ Noetic Collision on the roof of hell


+MROME+ “Noetic Collision on the roof of hell”


Wow! From time to time post man let these gems into zombie mail. This is nothing but an authentic metal album with roots in numerous places, but the central idea is very well developed, musically speaking.

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Album Review LETHAL SHÖCK Evil Aggressor


LETHAL SHÖCK “Evil Aggressor”

Witches Brew

Aaaaargh!! What a piece of destructive speed metal!! Formed by members of well-known bands in Chicago, like Kommandant, Stone Magnum, etc, this band denotes in debut album true worship to old glories of fast metal in 80’s.

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Album Review TOXICA Ahogados en contaminación


TOXICA “Ahogados en contaminación”

Witches Brew

I have different feelings about this album. For one side, these Argentinean guys are into the new wave of thrash metal highly influenced by old bands in America, like Nuclear Assault, Exodus, Anthrax, which I started to feel sick about.

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Album Review DEHUMANIZED Beyond the Mind


DEHUMANIZED “Beyond the Mind”

Comatose Music

Of course I remember this band from New York, as I read some interviews or something in many fanzines of late 90’s. It’s a gang that belongs to the old wave of brutal entities from that area, and created a really good debut album called “Prophecies Foretold” in 1998, but later they disappeared for years.

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