Album Review TOXICA Ahogados en contaminación


TOXICA “Ahogados en contaminación”

Witches Brew

I have different feelings about this album. For one side, these Argentinean guys are into the new wave of thrash metal highly influenced by old bands in America, like Nuclear Assault, Exodus, Anthrax, which I started to feel sick about.

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Album Review DEHUMANIZED Beyond the Mind


DEHUMANIZED “Beyond the Mind”

Comatose Music

Of course I remember this band from New York, as I read some interviews or something in many fanzines of late 90’s. It’s a gang that belongs to the old wave of brutal entities from that area, and created a really good debut album called “Prophecies Foretold” in 1998, but later they disappeared for years.

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Album Review INHUMAN Conquerors of the New World


INHUMAN “Conquerors of the New World”

Satanath Records

Awesome! Now, my neck is broken because I tried to headbang with this hyper-complex death metal from Costa Rica. All tracks are extremely crooked, with tons of guitar riffs, fast scales, and atypical musical arrangements.

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Album Review SACRED STEEL Heavy Metal Sacrifice

sacred-steel cover artwork

SACRED STEEL “Heavy Metal Sacrifice”

Cruz del Sur Music

Am I getting old? Or is just that Power metal bands don’t impress me too much, unless they have something really extraordinaire? Anyway, these German veterans released the tenth album of their career, and although I’ve been listening to it all day in the office, this doesn’t make me move my ass off.

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