Album Review SACRED STEEL Heavy Metal Sacrifice

sacred-steel cover artwork

SACRED STEEL “Heavy Metal Sacrifice”

Cruz del Sur Music

Am I getting old? Or is just that Power metal bands don’t impress me too much, unless they have something really extraordinaire? Anyway, these German veterans released the tenth album of their career, and although I’ve been listening to it all day in the office, this doesn’t make me move my ass off.

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Album Review ESCARNIUM Interitus


ESCARNIUM “Interitus”

Redefining Darkness Records (N.America) Testimony Records (Europe)

Well, some months ago a compilation from this Brazilian beast left me literally in shock, and it presaged a really brutal full length album next to be released.

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Album Review SARCOPTES Songs and dances of Death


SARCOPTES “Songs and dances of Death”

Cimmerian Shade Recordings

Wow! From the very first second you already smell putrefaction here. There is something inside this album that belongs to the other side, the dark one. And I’m really impressed because of high quality of music consecrated to black arts, with no mercy to weak ears.

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Album Review HERETIQUE De Non Existentia Dei


HERETIQUE “De Non Existentia Dei”

Via Nocturna

And then there you have it: another damn good metal band from Poland. It seems like these guys have really good school in extreme metal music, as they composed a very interesting album of death/black metal with modern elements here and there, and heavy touches of complexity.

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