What a great time I had reading this fabulous British zine. Its amazingly longevity (34 issues!!) is due a real support to underground artistic scene, not only musically but also huge persons who are dedicated in a way or in another to make things happen, to make an alternative way of living and fuck the mainstream. Hell yeah, is very influenced by pop art (just look at the pink cover art with a real hairy pink heart) but the English humor taste is smelled everywhere and also punk spirit of course. Music articles are very professional and interesting, including THE BAD SHEPHERDS, THE BARBARELLATONES (amazing glam dudes making surf), SPECIMEN at the legendary BatCave Club, THE GREEN RIVER PROYECT, “Nice guys laugh last” (an article about canadian ANVIL’s bio film), TO THE BONES, the section called “A rockers guide to…” PARIS; the Art of Charlotte Thomson (burlesque art), EUREKA MACHINES, a short diary cut about a glam designer LENA QUIST show, in her own words; an entertaining article called “Rock T-Shirts you can get arrested in” (hahaha!! Is real!), a section called “Up all night”, reviewing many glam, heavy metal or goth rock shows, an excellent article about the great NEW YORK DOLLS; plus many interviewed rock artists like ACEY SLADE, DEATH STARS, THE ONLY ONES, GINGER, IMELDA MAY, ADRIANA SMITH (the girl who makes real sexual sounds at the track “Rocket Queen” of GUNS AND ROSES “Appetite For Destruction” album. Now she performs at her own band GHOST IN THE GRAVEYARD). Many, a mean MANY reviews of (mostly) independent Demos, Singles, EPs and Albums of rock, punk, industrial and metal music are done with professionalism and honestly. If these 78 pages are fuckin’ bored for you, editors included a CD compilation where we find names like MY GREAT AFFLICTION, MYERNARK, LEATHER ZOO (I love this band), ULTRAXINE (I love them too) and the amazing Irish BLACK SOOKIE who are one of my 2009 discovers. Just imagine a mix of Circus music with over theatrical topics a la Tim Burton’s motion pictures and weird sounds like Mr. Bungle meets Cirque du Solei. Tasty soup!! – Victor Varas

Contact: 27 Stores Lane. Tiptree, Essex. CO5 0LH U.K. bubblegumslutzine@gmail.com / myspace.com/bubblegumslutzine