ALBATROZZ (Mexico) Review

ALBATROZZ Cancer Review at Zombie Ritual Zine



I’ve got this CD from the drummer “Morris”, when I met him in an underground metal show, last week. Although is a band formed in 2007, I know that all members have been playing in other different bands, and they are quite experienced in metal music. The musical background is huge and denotes strong roots on thrash metal, death metal and hard core music. Of course, that’s an aggressive mixture, and the result is effective. They also add some sprinkles of stuff technical/progressive, like in middle section of “Descontrol y Destruccion”, which has an awesome instrumentation (great bass guitar work, btw) and delivers interesting vibes. Actually, this band mixes melodic guitar riffs, sometimes rooted on stoner rock, and controlled violence, to say something. The base of all guitar riffs is complex and you have to pay attention to Bobby’s fingers to don’t miss details. Another aspect to underline is the drum work, because all the time creates solid platforms, as a wall of sound made from eclectic musical resources. This is the result of many years of listening the most aggressive and expressive drummers in the world. Vocals are organic and direct like kick in your balls, and the approach to hard core/punk seems to be quite singular. This motherfucker screams furious, crazy and with punkish attitude. All in all, this is a well done first album. Hope to see them on stage soon. As extra info, a cover version of “Tormentor” (Kreator) is included, and sounds really good. – Victor Varas