ANOTHER FAILURE Another failure in the making Review

Another Failure review at Zombie Ritual Zine

ANOTHER FAILURE “Another failure in the making”

Self Released

Really, I can’t say that this is one of my best albums I’ve discovered in the world of metal music. Coming from Rhode Island, these guys stepped into risky places where metal music should not be adapted unless you are completely crazy and you have a big sense of humor. This music is a mix between hard core music, thrash metal and some Industrial elements jumping from here to there. The result is not that good if you believe that you can experiment with different styles with a pot in the hand. Sometime this shit sounds like if Marilyn Manson and Less Claypool had a bizarre drug night and tried to compose an album on the early morning. Actually, I will not say that the A F guys are bad musicians. They have great musical background and definitely they are looking for an own style delivering high octane guitar riffs and improvising with twisted rhythms. If you ask me, the band sounds crazy and psychologically sick, but you have the last word anyway. This music sounds aggressive and full of distinct elements, musically speaking. And I liked their attitude because they sent me a physical promo pack which is something I really admire from underground bands. Not everything is lost and I hope they will find an own identity soon. – Victor Varas