Malhkebre Prostration

MALHKEBRE “Prostration”

My advice to young black metal bands, please just try to draw a logo readable, legible and so on. I know is cool to have a logo band full of stripes, occult messages, etc (only can be read by chosen ones) but, since Im not a chosen one, I found really hard to decipher this shit. Well, I don’t know how to call this four tracks album in a pretty slipcase edition, if this is an EP special edition or is just a small album. Whatever, we find horrible (in good sense) black metal yes, very technical and cold. Highlights to track 3 “Obscurus Religiosus” which brings a storm of cold sharps riffs reminds second wave of Nordic demons.  Actually these French guys are very influenced by Finish bm sound but I noticed personality search as Berzerk’s vocals are extremely dirty, scratchy and well achieved. As I said they sound very well and with some technical resources, plus don’t even abuse of them.  Hopefully they can find their own sound and don’t lose at dark, funny and repetitive copycats.  “La mort est la raison finale de tout” they say.  This record is from 2006 and I think later they released a Split with AOSOTH, another French band where vocals are done by mighty Magus Kaiser Munkis from ANTAEUS. – Victor Varas