ARGUS Beyond the Martyrs Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Argus Beyond the Martyrs cover art

ARGUS “Beyond the Martyrs”

Cruz Del Sur Music

Don’t confuse with Mexican cult band where Raul Greñas (Luzbel) recorded two albums in the 80’s. This American band is active since 2005 and they play the most epic, solid and heavy doom metal I have heard this year. Everything is tied with excellent guitar riffs and excellent vocal lines. Actually, vocalist Butch Balich is a great discovery of this year, and he truly transmits the spirit of old bands of obscured heavy metal and Epic metal feeling, like Candlemass,  Manilla Road, Black Sabbath (of course) etc. Music is simply and effective, as they focused in strong melodies and powerful structures. My favorite track is “Four Candles Burning” which is an excellent piece of Epic heavy metal in the purest essence of the genre. Of course, it seems like these guys have experience in the business and the music speaks itself. This is not for conventional listeners, and is not for those who are looking for gratuitous-mainstream-pop heavy metal singers. All tracks are forged in the flames of obscured heavy metal and everything is in the right place. It’s a very recommended for alopecic motherfuckers, and who like thick metal music running through their veins. – Victor Varas