Album Review DIAMANTE Ad Vitam Reditus

Diamante cover art

DIAMANTE “Ad Vitam Reditus”

Atomic Stuff Records

Everybody knows that Italy has one of the most important traditions of rock music in Europe. Of course, we can name a large list of bands that influenced the sound of actual projects, mainly in progressive music.

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Album Review STEVE FOGLIA Steve in Wonderland

Steve Foglia cover art

STEVE FOGLIA “Steve in Wonderland”


This is a good album of hard rock at its best of the genre. For those who don’t know about this guy, he is drummer of Jennifer Scream, and has been touring with big names like Glenn Hughes, Pretty Boy Floyd and Michael Monroe.

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YERBADIABLO It doesn’t work Review

Yerbadiablo cover art

YERBADIABLO “It doesn’t work”

Atomic Stuff Records

This is an interesting experiment of fusion rock with influences from many sources. It seems like these guys have great experience playing for other bands, and here, they conceive great songs based in eclectic ideas from 70’s rock, alternative metal, blues, etc, and tied everything with good taste and prolific ideas (sung in English and Spanish) where you can hear sax, harmonica, polymorph-psychedelic keyboards, and a lot of honesty.

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BASTARDOGS No Pain No Gain Review

Bastardogs cover art

BASTARDOGS “No Pain No Gain”

Street Symphonies

As always, Atomic Stuff sent me another good shit for review. This is a young band from Italy, and I really enjoyed the music because reminds me 80’s glam/hard rock. All tracks have a very well conceived metallic spirit, forged in the sleaziest, melodic and badass side of the genre.

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DANGEREGO Autopsy Review

DangerEgo cover art


Atomic Stuff

Definitely I’m not the most indicated for review this album, but as many of you know; I have total respect for serious projects into rock music. These Italian guys have the spirit of what is called “alternative” music and “grunge” sound, but they added fresh elements and excellent musical arrangements.

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