BELLS OF ACHERON Fanzine Issue 1 Review

Bells of Acheron Zine Issue 1 at Zombie Ritual Zine

BELLS OF ACHERON Fanzine Issue 1 (Brazil) Review

I know it’s been a long time since I reviewed a printed fanzine. Believe me, I’m a big eater of independent media and I just can’t read fast every fanzine coming to my mail box!! Well, this is a GREAT debut coming from Colombia, and I’m really sorry because the editor sent me the Zine when he visited my City and I didn’t meet him because of different reasons. Anyway, It took me almost six months to read it entirely because this features tons of excellent material. On this issue we find chats with Haemorrhage, Eternal Solstice, Pseudogod, Deus Otiosus, Master of Cruelty, Noise and Shit Zine, Diocletian, Jorgen Sandstrom, Swallowed, Diabolical Messiah, Hooded Menace, Capilla Ardente (excellent band!!), Ed Warby(Gorefest, Hail of Bullets), Force of Darkness, Wojtek Lisicki(Luciferon), Pete Slate, Amon, Exoriate, Nuclear Hammer, Rick and Bay Cortez(Sadistic Intent, Dark Realm Records), Dominus Praelii and Matthew Skarajew(from Dusk, Disembowelment). All interviews are very well done and informative. Also, I have to say that he uses English language (much better than mine, as you can see) and it seems like the editor is an old metal warrior immersed in the underground death metal scene since a lot of years. He also includes a big section of reviews, and his tastes are good. I didn’t find any contact. If your band is deadly and rotten enough, this editor will find you.- Zineaholic.