Album Review ASTARIUM Epoch of Tyrants

Astarium cover artwork

ASTARIUM “Epoch of Tyrants”

More Hate Productions

This Russian entity is been active since 2006 or something, and has a very prolific discography of demos, split productions, and full length albums. It’s nothing less than melodic black metal with incisive keyboards and tons of musical arrangements.

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Album Review +MROME+ Noetic Collision on the roof of hell


+MROME+ “Noetic Collision on the roof of hell”


Wow! From time to time post man let these gems into zombie mail. This is nothing but an authentic metal album with roots in numerous places, but the central idea is very well developed, musically speaking.

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Album Review WARFIELD Hosco



The Horror Dimention/ Damnation ad Bestias

What a piece of aggressiveness I have here! After almost five years, this beast is back and definitely they made it big. Coming from Mexico, Polo (aka Hellfire) and Ivan (aka Camel) had made clear that this is not a joke, and they have reached a major status in extreme black metal genre, in this country.

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Album Review HEATHEN BEAST Rise of the Saffron Empire


HEATHEN BEAST “Rise of the Saffron Empire”

Transcending Obscurity Distribution

This is another surprise for me, coming from India. These guys created a very interesting mix of holocaustic black metal and traditional instrumentation, with truly ethnic elements, and very good taste in extreme metal music.

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Album Review WILDERNESSKING Mystical Future


WILDERNESSKING “Mystical Future”

Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions

Well, finally I can review a band from South Africa on this blog. Formerly known like HEATHENS, this band is been active since 2010 or something and they really have excellent ideas under the line of atmospheric and mystique black metal style.

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Album Review GRAVESPAWN Inexorable Grimness


GRAVESPAWN “Inexorable Grimness”


This is a very interesting EP forged in solid black metal coming from USA. All tracks have obvious references to big names from the north of Europe, in 90s, but these guys have a very particular perspective of dark arts and painful guitar riffs.

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Album Review IMPERFECT SOULS Necro Bestial




Some years ago I made some good trades with vocalist/guitarist Lucas Dias, who also runs “Under the Eternal Flames Fanzine”. Eventually he sent me a demo of his band, and later a split called “Blasphemy Alliance”, and I really liked it because it shows a good black seed configured in obscured thrash metal and antichristian lyrics.

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Album Review NIGRUM Mors Nox Regina


NIGRUM “Mors Nox Regina”

Black Saw Records

It’s morbid, grim, chaotic and extremely dissonant. These are the first words coming to my mind after I listened to the first track of this Mexican necrotic beast.  Founded in 2015, this dark entity reunites veterans from different bands like Haborym, Inferna, Mordskog, and this genius multi-instrumentist guy from Shadowgrave, Jacobo.

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Album Review BLACK TORMENT Catacomb of Blinding Blasphemies


BLACK TORMENT “Catacomb of Blinding Blasphemies”

Deathrash Armageddon

Holy shit! Now I know why this is one of the best black metal acts in Mexico. It’s terrible to say that black metal genre is dying, as definitely, this is a perfect example of good bands revitalizing the scene.

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