Album Review KORGULL THE EXTERMINATOR Reborn from the Ashes

Korgull the Exterminator cover artwork

KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR “Reborn from the Ashes”

Ván Records

Don’t confuse the title of the album with the fanzine of Tony Juarez. This band preserves Punk influences, Motörhead influences and black metal roots.

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SCYTHE Subterranean Steel Review

Scythe Subterranean Steel cover art

SCYTHE “Subterranean Steel”

Primitive Reaction

For those who are familiar with Chicago’s metal scene, the name of Rick Scythe will ring your ears immediately. Yep, this is the continuation of musical work of the ex Ursurper’s axeman, and definitely don’t confuse with the other 100 bands with the same name.

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CVINGER Monastery of Fallen Review

CVINGER cover art

CVINGER “Monastery of Fallen”

Self Released

It’s another blasphemer, misanthropic and chaotic piece of black metal devastation coming from Slovenian underground scene. The entire atmosphere is cold, grey and chaotic so you might already know what we are talking about. Actually, the band features the ex-drummer from Bleeding Fist, another war machine forged in violent and corrosive black metal.

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NAKKIGA Amerasu Review

Nakkiga cover art again

NAKKIGA “Amerasu”

Darkwoods/ Nigra Mors Records

Not bad for a second full length album of this dark entity. This band is totally inspired in a Tad Williams’ fantasy series, and delivers great atmospheres forged in epic spirit, aggressive guitar riffs and cold miasmas. I said is a second album, but the band is been active since 1999 and has released various demos and splits with other bands.

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SCARIFICARE Postulado Review

Scarificare cover art



This is a very interesting album coming from Portugal underground scene. If you ask me, the first thing that called my attention is the name of guitar/vocalist Quetzalcoatl, which is a Mexican deity very well known in my place. Anyhow, the music crawls into obscured atmospheres, crude guitar lines and it has specific moments of morbidity.

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