Album Review M.I.L.F. Make It Long ‘n Fast – More than you


M.I.L.F. (Make It Long ‘n Fast )“More than you”

Buil2Kill Records

This is a great album of rock n’ roll! Coming from Florence, Italy, these guys created an excellent opus of hard rock very influenced by old names like AC/DC, Poison, Mötley Crüe, Skid Row, etc.

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Album Review ON-OFF Borderline


ON-OFF “Borderline”

Buil2Kill Records

This is a great Italian band of soft and melodic rock n’ roll and it’s highly influenced by hard rock genre, AOR, and heavy metal. For moments this reminds me old albums of Extreme, Warrant, Poison, etc, so you know what is about this album.

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Album Review FIVE MINUTES HATE Explanation to Failure

Five Minutes Hate album artwork

FIVE MINUTES HATE “Explanation to Failure”

Buil2Kill Records

No doubt melodic death metal has a remarkable evolution lately, and I admit there are some interesting bands in the new European wave, though I must say I’m not very into that genre.

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Album Review BAD WEATHER PROJECT Stormriders

Badweatherproject cover art


Buil2kill Records

The main problem here is not that the band recovered the most melodic and weak side of so called “grunge” rock genre from 90’s. It’s not the melody, actually through the years I learned to be polite with other rock music genres, and I like to focus in whatever you want to call it, talent or something?

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Album Review BETOKEN Beyond Redemption

Betoken cover art

BETOKEN “Beyond Redemption”

Buil2Kill Records

For some strange reason this band reminds another Italian band called Athena in mid-90’s. It’s a solid mix of heavy metal and progressive metal in a European clasic sound. Coming from Lombardy, these quite experimented guys created a good fifth album, and it’s forged in melodic heavy metal, power metal and highly influenced by progressive/ambient metal.

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SOMAN World on Fire Review

SOMAN cover art

SOMAN “World on Fire”

Buil2Kill Records

This is an excellent debut album, full of intense death metal, melodic guitar riffs and heaviness in the veins. Coming from Ligury, Italy these young musicians forged a very decent material and seems like they combined clear ideas and high octane guitars through psychotic structures.

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PHOBOS PREACHER – new videoclip launched!!

Spanish Thrash/Death Metal band PHOBOS PREACHER presents the new offcial videoclip for the track “Humanos”

The band has just released its debut album “Humanos” with Italian famous record label Buil2Kill Records (cover artwork designed by Satanik Design).

The album contains 10 tracks of Thrash Death Metal with lyrics in Spanish. Here’s “Humanos” tracklist:

1. Preludio
2. Agonía
3. La Perdición
4. Hipocresía
5. Humanos
6. Lágrimas de Arena
7. La Última Cena
8. Abre tu Mente
9. Ahogado en mi Adicción
10. Doctrina Odiada

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VERATRUM Sentieri Dimenticati Review

Veratrum review at Zombie Ritual Zine

VERATRUM “Sentieri Dimenticati”

Buil2Kill Records

I had to listen to this album a couple of times more, just to get into the interesting structure and asymmetrical melodies contained. This young band produced an excellent debut album forged in the most melodic and aggressive side of the genre. And also I have to say that music sounds extremely technical and with good taste on instrumental arrangements. Some tracks have a heavy influence of aggressive death metal from 90’s, and reproduce this typical obscured atmosphere, mixed with epic melodies, and in a modern production. Some other tracks are totally immersed in modernity, almost sound brutal death metal, and all influenced by progressive sounds. I liked the work of vocalist Haiwas, because he knows how to use his throat in deep growls and in aggressive mode. All in all, this is a great sonic trip into spirituality, mythology and excellent sections rooted in stinky death metal, although I can’t read any lyrics because they come in Italian language. Anyway, I recommend this album for those collectors of new bands looking for personality and producing good stuff. – Victor Varas

RUINTHRONE Urban Ubris Album Review

Ruinthrone review at Zombie RItual Zine

RUINTHRONE “Urban Ubris”

Buil2Kill Records

This is another young Italian band playing quite professional metal music. I can’t say that this mix of power metal, progressive metal and modern thrash metal really moved my ass, but I accept this is a very good production, and these guys have high musical skills. As aforementioned, they added some sprinkles of modernity to the sound and they found a point where keyboards leave a good taste on very emblematic atmospheres, if you know what I mean. The band sounds melodic and fresh, and that’s good because seems like they worked hard to build this piece of progressive metal. Also, vocalist Edoardo Gregni has a particular style which sounds aggressive and melodic at the same, and seems to know how to be a powerful performance without using childish exaggerations. My favorite is “Throne of your Ruin” which joins all the progressive elements with good taste and excellent arrangements. As aforementioned, I can’t say they are bad musicians and they really have reached good maturity musically speaking. It’s a debut album recommended for those collectors of fresh and melodic progressive metal music. Not for me.– Victor Varas