Album Review DEHUMANIZED Beyond the Mind


DEHUMANIZED “Beyond the Mind”

Comatose Music

Of course I remember this band from New York, as I read some interviews or something in many fanzines of late 90’s. It’s a gang that belongs to the old wave of brutal entities from that area, and created a really good debut album called “Prophecies Foretold” in 1998, but later they disappeared for years.

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LOGIC OF DENIAL Atonement Review

Logic of Denial Atonement review at Zombie Ritual Zine



It’s an interesting piece of bloody brutality coming from Italy. This young band stepped into modern production, fast and intricate guitar riffs, and a wall of sound rooted on complex drums and chaos. It’s not bad at all for a second release, and I’m sure that more than one of you will rip your clothes listening to this stuff. My only complaint is that the genre is over saturated by tons of clones, and the sound of Nile, Hate Eternal, and even Krisiun is not innovating anymore. That’s why, this band must find an own sound in order to get away from thousands of crickets on the ground. I’m not saying that is a bad band, actually they found a point where brutal death metal can share some connections with grind metal, like on “Behold the Throne of Torture” or “Apocrypha”, which is a masterpiece of complex death metal taken to the limit of aggression and darkness. As aforementioned, this band is not doing something I haven’t heard before, but they are on the way of creating something more interesting than just another technical combo. – Victor Varas

EXPURGATE Dementia Tremens Review

Expurgate Dementia tremens

EXPURGATE “Dementia Tremens”

Comatose Music

No doubt this young band released an excellent debut album, and it sounds totally insane and brutal. Actually, they mix some good technical elements from American “new” school, and added a tremendous platform of rottenness, nuclear guitars and drum blasts. The main aspect to underline is the vocal work of Jaymes Grundmann, which managed to record furious growls, and quite down tuned. This vocal is deep as hell, and is an aspect that gives a particular personality to the band, near of what is called grind death metal genre. Anyway, after three or four songs I have to say that this became a little bit obvious and almost bored. But, please do not misunderstand me. This band has enough power and creativity, and as aforementioned, the album sounds excellent. It’s just the obviousness of vocal lines. After that, the band has excellent death metal vibe, and songs like “40oz. Facefuck” simply sound amazing. It’s a good debut album rooted in destructive grind death metal. – Victor Varas