Cultes des Ghoules Haxan


I’m sure I read about these evil invocators somewhere in the underground press few years ago. I think they are (were?) members of polish Bestial Raids. I haven’t heard past material from them but the “Hexen” album is quite overloaded of deep and reddish (sic) black metal. Roots are visible since first’s seconds; I can say the greek rotten sound at the end of 80’s is not away from what they do, inclusive the unholy dark ultra-reverb in the voice mix. Hell yeah! We notice a mysterious cold fog aura as every track spits rawness and power. The album hits only five tracks, but all are long length and as the riffs are heavily into black abominations and density, none turns bored. “The Impure Wedding” would define the road they are. High caliber guitar picking from down tuned riffs, raw infernal drums set, bass guitar making a floating wall as a ghost around the rhythm sections. The track embraces different sections, spinning from cold invocations to powerful bursts of insane melancholia. “Scholomance” is also a perfect example of what these guys are into. Killer, sharp and cold riffs above majestic and unremittingly drums. Just 8:28 min. of what a pig slayer must sound like. – Victor Varas

BLEAK zine No. 10 (Spain)

Is a pleasure to review the new issue of this Spanish zine. Nothing less than 80 pages A5 and a distinct design over black backgrounds. Bands interviewed go from the deepest death metal to the dark, gloomy and violent Black/thrash metal. And just to make a point, chats are very well worked and don’t leave outside anything. This issue: MORTEM (Peru), GRAVEYARD (very fun and interesting), ELDEREON (Spain), AVSKY (Sweden), BALMOG (Spain), NOCTURNAL HELL (ABORIOTH’s project, Spain), CULTES DES GHOULES (Poland), return Italian gods BULLDOZER VASSAFOR (New Zealand) and DEAD CONGREGATION (Greece). The issue far exceeded the previous, overall because here included tons of zine, albums and demos reviews. At the end is complemented by a special report on ANTHRAX (‘till “Persistence of Time” era) A mandatory acquisition for fanzine metal head eaters. Spanish written. Contact: Bleak zine P. O. Box 632 10080 Cáceres. España.  – Victor Varas